Evolv Shaman 2022

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What we say: The updated Shaman is a real step forward in performance shoes from Evolv. Not only has it had some significant performance upgrades but the new 2022 aesthetics make it both pleasing on the foot and eye! 

What Evolv say: Shaman has been designed for max performance on overhanging bouldering and sport routes which require precise footwork.

Integrated with Evolv's best technology and improved upon from the previous Shaman's, this makes it a great shoe for intermediate to pro climbers.

Shaman uses Evolv's ever popular "Love Bump" to help decrease dead space in the toe box while keeping them a tight comfortable fit.

The Vegan line synthetic upper helps to maintain comfort while minimising the overall stretch.

Shaman has a large toe patch which comes up to the straps to aid in toe hooking. 

Shoe Specs

Upper = Synthetic

Sole = 4.2mm Trax SAS Rubber with 1.6mm half length midsole with integrated love bump

Closure system = 3 Opposing Velcro straps

Shoe shape = Wide toe box with Asymmetric last  

Profile = Down Turned