Metolius Wildlife Chalk Bags

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What We Say: Wildlife Art Competition Shape Chalk Bags, available in four captivating styles: Bobcat, Cougar, Ram, and Wolf. These chalk bags are not just functional but also a work of art. Whether you're a climber or an outdoor enthusiast, our chalk bags are designed to elevate your experience. Here's what makes them exceptional:


What Metolius Says:

1. Artistic Elegance: Each chalk bag showcases intricate wildlife art, bringing the beauty of nature to your climbing journey. Whether you're drawn to the majesty of the Cougar, the tenacity of the Bobcat, the strength of the Ram, or the spirit of the Wolf, there's a style that resonates with your spirit.

2. Superior Quality: These chalk bags are crafted with the utmost care and precision. The full-length pile lining ensures a smooth chalk distribution while you focus on your ascent. The bag's premium construction ensures it will be your trusted companion for many adventures to come.

3. Built for Convenience: With a dedicated brush holder, you can keep your essential climbing tools within easy reach, ensuring a seamless climbing experience. No need to fumble around for your brush when you're mid-climb.

4. Secure and Comfortable: Included with the chalk bag is a belt with a side-release buckle. This ensures a secure fit and allows you to focus on your climb with confidence, knowing your chalk bag won't let you down.