Evolv Titan

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What Evolv Says: One of Evolv Junior shoe in the it range. - Made to be durable and comfort for every climbing adventure. Crafted with precision and designed for the demands of climbing gyms, this shoe sets the standard for performance and reliability.

Key Features:

  1. Comfortable Symmetrical Toe Profile: Experience climbing like never before with a comfortable and symmetrical toe profile. This design provides a balanced fit, allowing you to focus on your climb without compromising on comfort.

  2. Premium Leather Upper: The shoe boasts a premium leather upper, combining style with functionality. This not only enhances the shoe's aesthetic appeal but also ensures a snug fit for a wide range of foot shapes.

  3. Single Strap Closure: The single-strap closure system is not only user-friendly but also allows for quick and easy adjustments. Achieve the perfect fit with minimal hassle, so you can spend more time on the wall and less time adjusting your gear.

  4. Non-Marking Grey Outsole with TRAX® Enduro: The non-marking grey outsole, equipped with TRAX® Enduro, sets a new standard for climbing shoe performance. This specialized rubber compound is not only durable but also ensures a strong grip, giving you the confidence to tackle any climb. Plus, it keeps your climbing gym walls looking pristine.