Evolv Zenist

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What we say: A modern day classic. The Zenist boasts an all round performance fit that makes it ideal for indoor climbing.


What Evolv say: A perfect shoe for bouldering on modern gym style, smeary problems that require powerful body positions and all parts of the shoe to be utilised. 

Zenist was designed for the competition climber who needs the most feedback from their shoes during precise foot placements and delicate heel and toe hooks.

Vegan synthetic upper built on an aggressively profiled last will ensure your foot is always in a power position and that the shoe will not stretch too much over time.

The midsole featured in the Zenist is a rubber midsole that provides just the right amount of rigidity without sacrificing the sensitivity. When the competition is on the line feedback from your shoes can make all the difference.

Shoe Specs

Upper = Synthetic

Sole = 4.2mm Trax SAS Rubber with 1.0mm half length rubber midsole 

Closure system = Single Velcro straps

Shoe shape = Asymmetrical

Profile = Down Turned 

Customer Reviews

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Rhys Beardsmore (Staff)

Having worn evolv for two year, ranging from entry levels to advanced shoe these are the best shoe that I’ve had. There a perfect all round shoe with very soft and sticky rubber, that just sticks to volume and holds. They have the perfect amount of sentences that allows you to really feel where your putting you foot ,what helps to prevent your foot slipping. Even though there not much rubber on the toe box, there great for toe hocking. Straight out the box they were a great fit only tacking a couple of days to brake in. What highly recommend the zenist to anyone who want to have a all round shoe.