Evolv Zenist Pro

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What we say: Evolv have made the Zenist Pro, to be able to perform at the highest level of bouldering competitions. With advance features, which have only been seen previously on the Shaman pro. The Zenist pro, utilises these features to create a soft and powerful shoe. This makes Zenist Pro an ideal for delicate smears and foot swaps, to powerful dynamic movements which you see in competitions.

What’s Evolv Say: The Zenist Pro combines features from its predecessor, the “Zenist” and the “Shaman Pro” to create a minimalist performance shoe. Utilizing Evolv’s EVOWRAP Technology, which helps to securely hold the foot in place, eliminating the need to painfully crush your toes into the shoe.

Using 4.2mm of Evolv ever popular Trax SAS rubber and 1mm rubber midsole, creates a sensitive and secure base to stand on. The sole of the Zenist Pro feature the new contoured outsole, which mean it goes form a sharp edge at the tip of toe, to a curve the closer it gets to the middle of the shoe. With a large toe patch and power lock heel, helps to provide expert capabilities when toe and heel hocking.

The upper of the shoe is made from Synthetic fabric, which will help in maintaining the secure out of the box fit. The Zenist Pro Uses no animal product in the production of the shoe, making this an ideal shoe for someone looking for a high-end Vegan friendly shoe. With a single Adjustable Strap, allowing the user to get the perfect fit.

Shoe Specs
Upper = Synthetic
Sole =4.2mm Trax SAS Rubber
Closure system =Single Adjustable Strap
Profile = Down turned

Customer Reviews

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The 4.5 star review.

The Zenist Pro is currently my go to shoe of choice for everything indoor and outdoor bouldering. Even though I sized up a half size from my 'normal' climbing shoe size, they still feel tight and secure without that toe crushing feeling that you get from some shoes. My foot shape is definitely on the wider side, and these are probably the widest shoe I've found.
For me they are a great mix of soft but still stiff. They feel stiff in your hands compared to the Drago LV but when you put them on you get all that sensitivity that they offer without compromising the stiffness to stand on edges.