Friction Labs Bam Bam Loose Chalk

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What we say: Chalk is such a vital component to success when climbing, but we often look for the cheapest product thinking it is all the same. Well Friction Labs are rewriting the rule book when it comes to chalk and the results speak for themselves. Don't think chalk is worth this much? Try it and then answer that question again! 

The Bam Bam is Friction Labs chunky chalk for those who like the satisfaction of crushing the chalk between their hands!

What Friction Labs say: 

We have the most fun when we’re consistently performing at our best. Originally developed to meet the demands of rock climbers, FrictionLabs chalk products are used and trusted by top athletes in all sports that require dependable, long-lasting grip.

This isn’t the generic chalk from China you’re used to using. Stripped of all unnecessary fillers and responsibly refined in Denver, Colorado, FrictionLabs high purity magnesium carbonate provides unrivalled moisture absorption in a single application and is great for all skin types.

Since 2013, we’ve helped thousands of athletes find a chalk they can rely on for every move.