Gekco Loose Chalk 275g

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What we say: This eco-friendly chalk is a great option for those who are looking for a really fine chalk option. 

What Gekco says: Eco-friendly high performance fine loose chalk in a home compostable and recyclable paper bag.

Most loose chalk is sadly packaged in difficult-to-recycle plastic or bags which can only be industrially composted. But compostable seems good right? Well sadly not, the problem here is they will not break down in home compost and unless they're disposed of at the correct composting site they will end up in landfill or incineration! We wanted to find a solution to this and prevent more unnecessary plastic from entering the waste system. Our bags are paper recyclable so you can just pop them in your household paper recycling, but they're also home compostable, so if you want to feed your worms you can!
Eco-friendly chalk using the highest purity magnesium carbonate.

— No additives, fillers or nastiness, just chalk
— 100% the highest purity magnesium carbonate
— 100% sustainably grown/sourced paper bag
— Recyclable and home compostable