La Sportiva Theory

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What we say:  Used by many of Volume 1 Climbing's team as their go to shoe for competitions and volume-tastic problems! The softness of this shoe makes it ideal for standing on large modern holds and offers amazing sensitivity.

What La Sportiva Says: Designed to perform at the top level of competition and gym climbing. The Theory can handle just about anything that can be thought up in a climbing gym, from volume climbing to delicate foot work. While being equally at home on vertical and overhanging routes. Having been designed to be highly sensitive while keeping strength and agility in mind.

Constructed using some of La Sportiva's best technology, the Theory uses Dynamic technology and La Sportiva's P3 system to wrap the sole around the side of the foot. This helps the Theory to hold it's aggressive shape.

Using the very popular Vibram XS Grip 2 rubber for it sole with differentiated thickness from the front of the shoe being thicker to the rear of the ball of the foot being thinner. This allows for greater ability to stand on small holds or to get a more secure smear on the wall and volume.

With it's toe patch covering 90% of the surface area of the front of the shoe, thus enabling easier access to toe hooks. With a lower volume heel then other La Sportiva shoes which makes it ideal for heel hooks.

Using a single hook and loop strap and it's slipper like fit help to make sure you get a performance fit without sacrificing comfort and still allowing the ease of getting the shoe on and off. The upper is constructed using a mix of Microfiber and suede leather allowing the shoe to stretch and mould to your foot a little bit over time.
Shoe Specs
Upper = Microfiber and suede leather upper
Sole = Vibram XS Grip 2
Closure system = Single Hook and loop Velcro Strap
Profile =Downturned