Rhino Skin Split

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What we say: For when the worse happens and you have a split on your finger! Don't worry because Rhino Skin have got you covered (literally) with the split stick. 

What Rhino Skin say: Split is formulated with a beeswax to help heal splits and gobies. Rhino has enriched this with vitamin E, arnica, dragons blood and tea tree oil to help disinfect and speed recovery. 

Directions: Clean your wound carefully with soap and water, pat dry, apply Split Stick and cover loosely with a breathable bandage such as Tegaderm or Hypa-Fix.If affected area turns white from being covered, take cover off and let dry until skin is pink again. Apply split stick as necessary to maintain a flexible hydrated environment.

*This product does not replace proper wound care and hygiene. Plant parts may be present in product.