Scarpa Vapor S Women's

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What Scarpa Says: The latest innovation in the renowned VAPOUR family of climbing shoes. Engineered for power and flexibility, this cutting-edge slipper provides unparalleled sensitivity and precision on even the smallest edges.

Equipped with the revolutionary Nano Strap System, the VAPOUR S ensures minimal heel slipping, enhancing your hooking performance to tackle challenging routes with confidence. Its ultra-low angled toe profile makes it an ideal companion for navigating thin cracks with ease.

Experience instant and adaptable fit with the VAPOUR S, allowing you to focus solely on your climb without distractions. Whether you're tackling technical boulders or scaling vertical faces, this shoe delivers the sensitivity and precision needed to conquer your climbing goals.

Shoe Specs
Upper = Microfiber
Sole = 3.5mm Vibram XS Grip 2
Closure system =Slipper

Profile =Slightly Downturned