Shoe Chalk

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What we say: Have you got to the point where you can't stand, the smell of your own climbing shoes anymore. With Shoe chalk, you’ll be able to combat this problem! By placing a signal capsule inside your shoe and with a little bit of warm water, watch the magic happen. Shoe chalk will help bring life back into your old shoe. Shoe Chalk is environmentally friendly and only use's natural ingredients, so no harsh chemical used.



What Shoe Chalk say: When your shoes being to smell, it's time to do something. Place one block in each shoe and add some warm water. 

This will activate the cleaner.

Let the SHOE CHALK works its magic!

The foaming action will loosen all the grime.

Use a brush for a deep clean.

Brushing will helps remove all the loosened grime.

Rinse your climbing shoes.

Make sure you thoroughly rinse your shoes!

Air dry your climbing shoes.

Make sure you fully dry your shoes before wearing them again!

Your shoes will be as clean as the day you broke them in

  1. SHOE CHALK is easy to use.
  2. Keeps your feet healthy.
  3. Gentle on your shoes
  4. Safe and eco friendly
  5. Shoes last longer.

Customer Reviews

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John Charlton
Dishwasher tablet for your shoes!

Essentially a dishwasher tablet for your shoes. Like many others, my climbing shoes are not the prettiest of shoes and the smell to go along with it.
The shoe chalk is a great little product for you to clean your shoes. Get some hot water, plonk one of those tablets in each shoe and wait it out, grab an old tooth brush if you want to be a bit more aggressive. The inside of my old Dragos were a beige brown colour and now they definitely more on the white side.
You could probably get away with using half the amount of the shoe chalk for each shoe. Only downside is the drying time but to be expected.
Ta love.