Southern Sandstone Climbers Club Guide

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What we say: Known locally as the bible for climbing on the Southern Sandstone, the climbers guide is a information packed booked with not all the climbs, history and extra info that makes for a great read.

What Climbers Club say: 

The visual impact is impressive from the start with a new wrap-around cover photo, the inside uses the Lower Wye Valley concept of a double-page spread for the title page and, amongst many others, there are a couple of superb (and frightening?) images of the chalk sea cliffs. Where tree cover has allowed photo-diagrams have been used to supplement the maps and plans, as well as the usual written descriptions.

  • Southern Sandstone and the Sea Cliffs of South-East England by Mike Vetterlein and Robin Mazinke (2008)
  • Photodiagrams by Mike Vetterlein
  • Maps and plans by Don Sargeant
  • It is a thorough revision and update of Mike Vetterlein’s 1995 guidebook.
  • 463 pages of text, photodiagrams, action shots and maps