Tenaya Oasi

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What we say: A true allrounder that is growing in popularity in the UK bouldering scene.  With a great out of the box feel! 

What Tenaya say: When we started on ‘project OASI’ we wanted to create a curved climbing shoes that works as well on friction slabs and vertical walls as it does on overhanging routes and boulder problems, and to achieve this we had to re-think our whole design process and invent new technologies. The final result is a shoe of stunning precision as well as exceptional comfort. Its design and system of construction lets the heel sit lower while climbing and is superbly responsive to every situation, relaying detailed information back to the user in any situation.

Shoe Specs

Upper = Microfiber

Sole =3.5mm Vibram XS Grip

Closure system = Velcro draxtor system

Profile = Slightly Down turned

Customer Reviews

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John Charlton
Best Second Shoe Option

The Tenaya Oasis were my first real pair of "can do everything climbing shoes" and not the dusty hire shoes you find in gyms or cheap as chips ones you get from amazon.

From getting them out the box for the first time they are fantastically comfy. Especially for a shoe that is moderately aggressive and compared to other shoe that are in the same tier of performance. There isn't any of the "break in" period with these shoe that you might expect with other shoes.

For a moderately aggressive down turned shoe its super comfy, which surprisingly doesn't compromise on the preciseness either. Now my foot is on the wider side so I did find that my toes were shoved right into the toe box, but this didn't hinder my performance or comfort. However this shoe is design more for a narrower foot shape.

What I did find is that they are super soft and sensitive, so my foot had to do most of the work because of the lack of a midsole. Mostly from lack of experience with softer shoes. However this did mean I had a better understanding of where my foot was on the holds. The Virbram XS Grip rubber is relatively sticky and durable, the sole is this weird hybrid one piece split sole category which meant I had a decent amount of flexibility throughout the shoe and a good deal of rigidity.

Anyway it's a great all round shoe for the beginner intermediate climber.