YY Vertical Elastic Bands

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What YY Says: Made of high quality, durable and odourless silicone, the YY Vertical rubber bands allow you to strengthen your muscles or stretch them. Essential accessories for your training sessions, they are available in five different resistances to best adapt to your practice. Designed for physical preparation, these rubber bands can be paired with YY Vertical training products during your climbing training.

Resistances available: 5KG, 15KG, 25KG, 35KG, 45KG Material: Silicone

Customer Reviews

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Elliott Cunningham-White
Great bands

Bought a similar band from Decathlon, couldn't quite find what i wanted from amazon as most resistance bands are either cheap or small for legs.
These bands work outstandingly for a variety of exercises to warm up with, or as assistence bands for pull ups and dips etc.
The one i had bought previously broke from general wear and tear, these ones have seemingly lasted longer. Pleasantly surprised by how much they can stretch, especially the small one - which should not be underestimated!
These bands have improved my workouts and the aforementioned small band was what i needed to break through to Ringed Muscle-Ups.

High quality material, super useful.
Testing them out in store, and the training area, helped me pick which ones i needed.