The Zenist Pro is currently my go to shoe of choice for everything indoor and outdoor bouldering. Even though I sized up a half size from previous climbing shoes, they still feel tight and secure without that toe crushing feeling that you get from some shoes. My foot shape is definitely on the wider side, and these are probably the widest shoe I've found, especially in that forefoot area. The heel is probably a little skinner and more of a box shape compared to the La Spo Solution heel that is a round ball. 
For me they are a great mix of soft but still stiff. They feel stiff in your hands compared to the Drago LV but when you put them on you get all that sensitivity that they offer without compromising the stiffness to stand on edges. With Zenist Pro being a soft powerful shoe. It provides you with more durability than other soft shoe counterparts, partly due to it just having far more rubber. 

Written by john charlton

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