Hi Folks. 

First of all everyone's skin is different and will react different to different products, whether it be Climb Skin, Rhino, ClimbOn etc. It's also the same with balms, bees wax and creams, some work better than others and some will react better for your specific skin type. 

I've used varies different brands for skin care. Solely for the repair and soothing of skin, Climb Skin is fantastic. What I do love about this product is from the moments its applied there's a cooling and smoothing sensation. It soaks into my skin extremely quickly and does not leave any remanence of oils or stickiness which is a quality I highly rate. I find even after a hard climbing session when I apply Climb Skin in the evening, by the morning my skin is ready to go again.

Use it sparingly, I've found I don't have to cake my fingers in this cream to get a good coating. Less is more and it will last you a good long while. 



Written by john charlton

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